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Ladyfest Toronto 2008
Call out for volunteers

Ladyfest Toronto is a four-day arts, culture and music festival. We are a non-profit, grassroots, do-it-yourself collective who seek to promote urban feminism. We work from a framework that is pro-feminist, trans-inclusive, pro-diversity and anti-oppressive. We seek to build community among Toronto's feminist businesses, artists, activists and academic community. We believe that art is a powerful form of resistance and hope to incite dialogue about contemporary feminist issues in our city. We will be providing a venue for women to express themselves and showcase their work free of sexism, classism, racism, and homophobia; as well as other forms of oppression.

We believe that politics can be fun and hope to facilitate political action and create tools for feminist networking at our annual event. We will proudly showcase the talent and actions of both local and international women. Ultimately, we hope Ladyfest Toronoto inspires women everywhere to organize themselves and create similar spaces that allow women's creative works to be seen and heard, as other Ladyfest's have for us.

Ladyfest Toronto offers something for everyone, whether you are identify as a feminist or are curious about the ideas of it.

This year’s festival will be taking place Thursday, September 18th to Sunday, September 21st 2008.

We can offer you:
• Student/internship placement hours.
• Letters of reference & phone references.
• Admission to the festival events.
• Training, mentoring and feedback.
• Networking opportunities with the Toronto feminist and arts communities.
• Lots of fun!

We have a number of volunteer opportunities available, including long-term and short-term experiences. Our volunteers work in a variety of capacities.

Volunteer opportunities available:

• Graphic design
• Grant writing
• Publicity & promotions
• Finances
• Fundraising
• Human resources/volunteer coordination
• Community outreach
• Stage managing
• Audio recording
• Photography/videography
• Onsite logistics
• Booklet design
• Sponsorship
• Organize your own event

If you are interested in being involved, please email us at

We encourage participation from ALL!

Phone Number__________________________________________________________

What part of the festival would you be interested in volunteering in? _________________________________________________________________

What are you looking to get out of your volunteer experience with Ladyfest?

How much of a time commitment can you make to the festival? Please indicate the number of hours per week or month and whether you want to make a short-term or long-term commitment.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
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