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Go! Girls in Hardcore!

for our sisters

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The title explains the group, Girls in HC
And no, you don't have to be a girl to join, just supportive and encouraging to those that are and to girls and women in general! We (obviously) don't support sexist bullshit here.
Its also always rad if you'll introduce yourself when joining! :)

Here are the rules. Don't like them? Take it up with one of the moderators (goodlookinout & xjox)

1) Don't talk shit unless you can back it up with your home address. People think that just because this is the internet they can be fuckheads from behind their monitors. Err. Wrong. Do not personally attack another member unless you can back it up with a home address. Don't wanna do that? Then don't be an shithead.

2) BE RESPECTFUL! Recognize that we all come from different backgrounds and different life situations. We obviously won't agree on everything - but if you take issue with anything someone says, please conduct yourself in a respectful way. Most importantly, do not use sexist, degrading language/name-calling here. If you use "slut", "whore", "cunt", "bitch", "fag", etc. in a non reclaimed sense, YOU WILL BE WARNED ONCE and then BANNED.

3) No spamming. No quizzes. No 'I need friends' posts.
You can post about new bands, labels, shows, events, etc. But no random unrelated junk.

4) You must keep comments enabled in your posts. Also, no one but the mods can delete comments in posts (unless they're your own) ie. you can't delete other people's comments in a post you make!

There are no exceptions to these rules! Failure to comply with any of the above will get you a warning and/or your post/comments deleted. From there, you may be banned.

Feel free to post your input in the community!

More interests soon! Have anything you'd like to add?